Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kasama Pottery Town

When I feel like relaxing and having coffee outside by myself. I take a drive to a pottery town Kasama, Ibaraki. 
I can always find unique ceramics there and nice shop staff to chat with in the afternoon. 
photos below were taken at gallery Butai

After checking out Butai, hopped to a gallery Kamagen which displayed  a set of ceramic dolls for the girl's festival season called Ohinasama up to March 3rd.

spring plates
They all made of ceramics

Ceramic dolls


  1. Hi Frumafar! I love your Etsy shop and followed you to your blog from there! I love Japan!! My husband and I went to the Fuji Rock Festival a few years back and loved Tokyo! Especially having sashimi for breakfast at the Tsukiji market!!! (That was the highlight of the trip!)

    Anyway, keep up the great work and i hope to visit Japan again someday!


  2. Hi Chui,
    Thank you so much for your cheerful message:) I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed Japan alot.
    It's so shame that I've never been to Fuji Rock Festival.... someday... I will!

    I followed your blog back:) Your Etsy shop is so lovely!